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The museum landscape in the in the Black Forest

ErfinderZeiten – Timepieces

The Timepiece Museum

Themed “Uhr-Zeiten”, the exhibition offers you a very special time travel through the history of clocks and watches in the Black Forest. A clockmaker's workshop is one of the first exhibits right at the beginning of this section and illustrates the hard work required 200 years ago.
Owing to governmental support, a proper timepiece industry developed in Schramberg, and her visionary Erhard Junghans was one of its pioneers.
A machine hall with conveyor belts, a stock floor and a research laboratory document the progress of industrial production. In historical shopping malls everyone can admire the triumph of these clocks and watches. The radical change from mechanical chronometers to quartz timepieces is illuminated by the Junghans Company’s contribution to the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich where the Schramberg company was in the charge of timekeeping. The quest for precision finally culminated in the development of radio controlled timepieces. At the end of the time travel we return to see perfection with new mechanical watches.

Auto- und Uhrenmuseum Schramberg

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