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The museum landscape in the in the Black Forest

Car Exhibition Steim in the Black Forest

Spectacular Veteran Cars and New Models

The private car collection Steim, with its spectacular veteran cars and a number of new models, presents the history of more than a century of automotive engineering.
On 3,000 square meters of exhibition space you can see more than 100 vehicles, ranging from a De Dion Populaire, 1902 model, over a Maybach Zeppelin from 1932, to former President Heinrich Lübke’s state limousine, a Mercedes Benz 300d from 1959.

If you are interested in veteran cars and newer models of all kinds, Schramberg’s world of cars and timepieces is the best place to visit. The Steim car exhibition with its extraordinary exhibits and its pertinent special exhibitions will be sure to inspire you.

Auto- und Uhrenmuseum Schramberg

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