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The museum landscape in the in the Black Forest

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„Museums hunt "the frozen time" for families with children from 8 up - school classes from 10 up“

During clean-up work, employees discovered a time machine in the basement of the museum "ErfinderZeiten". Unfortunately, first attempts to get it running went wrong, as you can now see in a video that appeared on the museum site. A visibly rejuvenated director asks for help to fix the "time mess". This requires young and courageous time agents to help find the numbers lost in the museum. They will be supported by "frozen" informants who are trapped in time. With an audio guide the visitors can contact you and get hints where to look. The ideal age for time agents is between 8 and 13 years. All they need is a mobile phone and they can then try to find the code in the museum, thus freeing the director from his predicament. But watch out! Many have already tried it, jet ....

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